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Travel Advocate is comprised of a handful of eager young travelers who have collectively covered a good chunk of the globe. They bring to the table their experiences, growth, and travel wisdom. Expect a balanced blend of light and heavy, informative yet entertaining, and thought-provoking material.


Brandon Ellis

Chief Wrangler &Writer

I’ve fallen ill to the ever-growing travel bug. In having the opportunity to do a sizable amount of international travel in my early twenties, I’ve adopted new perspectives on the world. This is what I’m here to share with you along with other tidbits of motivation and inspiration that will hopefully have you packing your bags and catching the next outbound flight.

Here’s what I like to ramble about: articles. Where you can find me: Brandon Ellis


Mary Marshall

Editor & Writer

Mary is an adventurer originally from the Chicago-area currently working in Western Colorado in the renewable energy industry. She worked previously in broadcast television news in New York City, and as the editor in chief of the newspaper at Seton Hall University where she attended undergrad. She specializes in all things outdoors and can be found at any given moment plotting her next wilderness excursion.

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Toni Peris

Creative Director in Greece

Toni Peris is a drummer, DJ, senior psychology student at the American College of Greece, and music producer who goes by the name of “Time Revival”. At 31, he lives for cars, speed, adrenalin, and currently operates his own Racing Blog. Above all he is huge sucker for adventure, travel, and getting lost in places he visits for the first time.